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Bail Bonds 101

Operating a Successful Bail Bond Business

The secret is out and you can learn everything you need to know about operating a successful Bail Bond Company.

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Bail Bonds 101 Book

Bail Bonds 201

School in a Book

This describes in detail the mistakes and pitfalls that Bail Agents make when running their business.

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Bail Bonds 201 Book

75 Short Stories

Tales of a Bondman

75 Fascinating true stories and experiences of a Bondsman. Some stories from old time Bondsmen years ago.

75 Short Stories

Do You Want to Become a Bondsman?

Sean M. CookLet industry veteran, Sean M. Cook of Premiere Bail Bonds, guide you through the process of running a profitable Bail Bond Business. These books are a must have resources for anyone interested or currently involved in the Bail Bond business.

Enjoy a Career in Bail Bonds

This, once thought of family business is becoming more mainstream than ever before. With media attention tv shows, movies and books the bail bonds industry is quickly becoming the next hottest home based business. Careers in the bail bond industry continue to thrive as people find it intriguing, fascinating, and well paying.

Bail Agents are finding that writing as little as two or three bonds per month awards them with as much or more income then they might have made at a full time job. It’s a very rewarding career that lends itself to flexibility and a lot of free time to do those things you desire.

Sean & JanetSean Cook and Janet Evanovich
Best selling Bail Bond Industry Author Sean Cook with New York Times best selling Author (several times over). Janet Evanovich at an industry conference. Janet is the Author of the best selling Stephanie Plum series.

What People are Saying...

I've used your book to help me get started and its truly the best! Thanks for helping a guy get into the business, its been a dream of mine for a long time !!!!.

Jim Mathiasch, Lions Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds 101 provided me the essential knowledge I needed to start my own bail bond agency. This book is a common sense approach to establishing an office, how to handle the many daily tasks, and includes marketing strategies to help any bail agency throughout the country.

John Yonan, Minuteman Bail Bonds

As the time tested adage tell us: "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes with bad judgment." Everyone in the bail bond business - and anyone thinking about entering the business - can gain from the experience passed on by Mr. Cook.

Brian J. Frank, Lexington National Insurance